Finally - a simple keyword discovery tool built for publishers.

"Churns out keywords that are actually useful!"

Let's face it, most keyword tools suck. They are bloated, confusing, and overpriced.

They are cluttered with meaningless metrics, junk keywords, and inaccurate data.

Keyword Chef fixes all that.

Keyword Chef was built for publishers, by publishers.

That's why every keyword we find has real search intent.

We understand it's not quantity, but quality keywords that publishers can easily target and rank.

So sit back, hit search, and let the magic happen.

Welcome to Keyword Chef.

Automatic Filtering for Clear Search Intent

Keyword Chef automatically removes junk keywords so you don't have to.

The result?

Hours saved and keywords with clear search intent. You know, keywords you actually want to write about.

I used Keyword Chef and came up with 50 keywords. It used to take me a whole day to find that many with Ahrefs and Ubersuggest.
- Khalil

Other tools Keyword Chef
pizzahow long is pizza good for in the fridge
pizza nycpizza base healthy alternative
pizza huthow to chop tomatoes for pizza
pizza doughhow to get air out of pizza dough
pizza near mepizza yeast vs instant yeast
pizza toppingsbest way to cut pizza without pizza cutter

Smart Wildcard Search

can you cook in the oven
  • can you cook pork from frozen in the oven
  • can you cook chicken and pork together in the oven
  • can you cook chips for frying in the oven
  • can you cook bacon in the oven with parchment paper
  • can you cook uncooked chicken in the oven
  • can you cook with wood chips in the oven
  • can you cook with plastic wrap in the oven

Uncover best-of keywords or build keyword clusters by using wildcard search.

Search for phrases like best * for chefs or can you cook * in the oven

I'm really liking it so far. Especially the easy wildcard search!
- Joanie-Ann

Realtime SERP Analysis in Bulk

Easily find keywords with forums and user-generated content ranking on the front page.

...even in bulk, at no extra charge.

For the last decade I've been looking for something like this. Finally!!!
- Saswata

Now this is a game changer, looking for something like this a long time... never saw it anywhere else.... good job!
- John

A better way to discover keywords

More keywords doesn't always mean better. That's why Keyword Chef uses a proprietary algorithm to separate good keywords from bad keywords.

What does this mean for you?

It means every keyword found has clear seach intent. While other tools may return tens of thousands of keywords, Keyword Chef removes all the junk so you can find real keywords that matter.

Feature Overview

  • Country geo targetting for keywords, volume, and SERPs
  • Bulk SERP analyzer to find keywords with ranking forums
  • Upload custom keywords in bulk to check volume and SERPs
  • Filter by keyword clusters, volume, and SERP score
  • Smart wildcard search to target clusters and best-of topics
  • Each report is automatically saved and can be shared publically

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What Publishers Are Saying

I'm one of the first users of Keyword Chef and immediately saw how it could help my business. The fact that it allows for wildcards within searches and all of the different search intent triggers is something that I absolutely love.

Ron Stefanski, $20k month earner @
I've done SEO for 10+ years and this is one of the best keyword research tools I've ever used. I like the SERP feature to show weakers sites in the results.

Graham McCormack, Freelance SEO expert @
I used Keyword Chef to find a 200 volume per month keyword. It was a random search where all the results on the first page were forums. I got fired up, wrote a 1500 word article, and won the snippet 5 days later.

Moffat Mwangi, Affiliate Marketer and Niche Website Builder
I've used a lot of keyword tools over the years and Keyword Chef has the best parts of all those - it's easy to use, gives you lots of relevant results quickly, has a wildcard search feature, and lets you see the SERPs for any keyword.

Shawna Newman, SEO and Niche Site Builder @
I'm digging this tool. Keyword Chef automatically uses the filters that I like to use and strips away the extra details that I don't care about. When I just want to find keywords that I can target straight away, I use Keyword Chef.

Doug Cunnington, Inventor of KGR @
I cannot stop using Keyword Chef. I highly recommend it for people producing a lot of content.

HuuVan Tran, Online Content Publisher

No monthly fees

We know that most publishers don't need to find new keywords everyday. That's why we said no to monthly fees and yes to credits.

Not all searches are created equal. Only pay for keywords when you need them, not searches.

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