Google Autocomplete Keyword Tool

Using Google Autocomplete suggestions is a fantastic way to find long-tail keywords for SEO. The reason why this is so great is for three reasons:

  1. Google Autosuggest provides real keywords users are searching for
  2. You can use a wildcard search
  3. It’s free

You can even combine this method with Keywords Everywhere to get the search volume. PS – If you do use Keywords Everywhere, we have a link to get 20% extra credits.

While this free method is great, it can be time-consuming, especially when you want to scrape all Google Autocomplete suggestions at once.

Thankfully, Keywords Chef has a Google Autocomplete Keyword Tool that can use wildcard search.

Scraping Google Autocomplete Suggestions

A little trick you can do with Google Autocomplete is use an asterisk as part of your search. Here are some keywords you can find while searching for “cooking * without boling”:

Google autocomplete keyword suggestions

And this is what the Google Autocomplete Keyword Tool inside Keyword Chef does. Here, Keyword Chef will loop through the alphabet scraping all the Google Autocompete Suggestions.

To start using this autocomplete tool, also known as the wildcard search, navigate to the Discover page and type in your search term. You’ll want to use the Wildcard category (selected by default). This will require you to enter in an asterisk as part of your search.

Google autosuggest wildcard search in Keyword Chef

Here’s an example of how to use the wildcard search to get Google Automcomplete suggestions:

  • easy meals for *
  • how to cook * in an air fryer
  • cooking * without boiling

In the Keyword Preview Window, you’ll have the ability to filter be exact or exact or similar keyword matches:

Once you have your report, Keyword Chef can even scrape SERPs in bulk and perform SERP based keyword clustering. While the wildcard search is available to free trial members, the Bulk SERP Checker Tool and Keyword Clustering tool are for paid users only. If you’ve paid for credits, these additional features don’t cost anything extra.

To get started using the Google Autocomplete Tool in Keyword Chef, sign up and get 1000 free credits.