Niche Insights is a powerful tool to discover and analyze niches like never before

With just a few clicks, you’ll gain access to trend data, keywords, product suggestions, and competitor insights.

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Feature Overview

Trend Data

Gain valuable insights by exploring trend data from the past 10 years. Discover how popularity has changed and identify seasonal patterns for better decision-making.


Explore keywords categorized by search intent, including Questions, Best, How-to, and more. Dive deep into user behavior and discover the most common search queries.


Automatically generate a complete list of categories and sub-categories to help build topical authority in your niche.


Maximize revenue by finding hundreds of products that can be used for affiliate offers or serve as new search terms.


Uncover popular brands and merchants in your niche that offer affiliate programs and various products to promote.

Top Performers

Find the top-ranking sites in your niche and view keywords they rank for. Easily copy keywords from weak competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Niche Insights cost?

Niche Insights is available to all monthly subscribers of Keyword Chef. The tool is automatically included as part of the monthly subscription at no additional cost.

To purchase a subscription, visit the pricing page.

Does Niche Insights require credits?

No, Niche Insights does not require credits to use. This means with a monthly subscription, you can find low-competition keywords from the Top Competitors without spending credits.

Is there a free trial?

Non-subscribers are able to search for niches but cannot view keywords, products, or top performers. Monthly subscribers get access to all features.

I’m not a monthly subscriber, can I spend credits to access Niche Insights?

Unfortunately, Niche Insights does not accept credits and is only available to monthly subscribers. A subscription is necessary to access the full features of Niche Insights.