Bulk SERP Checker Tool With Keyword Chef

Experienced SEOs know the best way to find underserved keywords is to check the SERPs manually. However, checking the SERPs for thousands of keywords this way isn’t really possible. For one, it’s painfully tedious. And two, even if you did enjoy it, it would take hours.

Thankfully, there is a Bulk SERP Checker Tool that you can use within Keyword Chef. With Keyword Chef, you can create your own competition metric based on real-time SERP results, even checking 5000 SERPs at once. This is an absolute godsend to speed up the process of manual competition analysis.

Here are just a few ways you can use the Bulk SERP Checker Tool in Keyword Chef:

  1. Find which keywords have forums ranking on the first page serch results
  2. Check if competitors are ranking for specific keywords
  3. Discover keywords your sites may already be ranking for on the first page

Let’s take a look at how you can use the Bulk SERP Checker Tool to find keywords that have specific sites ranking for them.

Using Bulk SERP Checker Feature

Once you have created a keyword report in Keyword Chef, you can get all the SERPs in bulk. Just click the ‘Get All SERPs’ button above your report. Keyword Chef will start to gather the SERPs for all your keywords. Keep in mind, this is a paid feature so make sure you’ve purchased credits beforehand.

Additionally, if you want to check SERPs for a specific country, you must set the target country before you run the report. The target country can be set by clicking on the globe to the left of the search bar. By default, Keyword Chef will get SERPs in the United States.

Once the SERPs are ready, the ‘Get All SERPs’ button will turn green. Click it to see your updated report with the SERP Score and SERP data.

Bulk SERP Checker tool in Keyword Chef

The SERP column in your report shows a SERP Score. The SERP Score is the number of easy-to-outrank websites on the first-page search results for that keyword. Unlike other Keyword Difficulty metrics, the higher the SERP Score, the better!

When you hover over the SERP Score, you’ll see the first page search results. Any weak sites counted in the SERP Score will be highlighted so you’ll know exactly what sites are being counted for that specific SERP Score.

SERP Preview Window in Keyword Chef

But what if you wanted to know if there were specific sites ranking on the first page search results, like forums or even a weak competitor? Keyword Chef makes this possible with ease.

Customing the SERP Score

To find which SERPs contain specific sites, you can use the Custom SERP Score feature. This feature allows you to set custom rules for how the SERP Score is calculated. For beginners, keeping the default settings is best. For more experienced SEOs, they will find this feature extremely powerful.

Custom SERP Score Window in Keyword Chef

Here’s a breakdown of the settings:

  • Forums: Sites like Reddit, Quora, and traditional forums
  • Free Blogs: Free blogging platforms like Blogspot and Wix
  • Pinterest
  • Social: Social sites like Facebook, Twiter, and LinkedIn
  • E-Commerce: Popular e-commerce stores like Amazon, Walmart, Targer, and others
  • Files: Non web files like .pdf, ppt, and others

If you already have a list of weak competitors, you can add it to your custom domains list. And if you ever need to override specific sites from being counted in the SERP Score, you can do that as well.

And that’s it! If you want to check SERPS in bulk or find keywords that other research tools can’t, sign up and get 1000 free credits.