17 Inspirational Niche Websites

When looking for niche ideas or seeing how you can improve your existing niche site, it’s often helpful to look at competitors or what other publishers are doing. Here are 17 niche website examples you can use for inspiration:

  • CamperReport.com – A site created by Jim Harmer from Income School, this website discusses RVs. A great example of a niche site with both product reviews and informational articles.
  • ChromeUnboxed.com – A Chromebook guide and review website. A youtube channel accompanies the site with ~250k subscribers. A great looking theme as well.
  • EpicGardening.com – A beautiful gardening site with its own ecomerce store and over 2 million youtube subscribers.
  • ExcelJet.net – A website dedicated to excel functions and receives millions of visits per month. Monetized with ads and training videos ranging from $19 to $199. A great looking site as well.
  • GoDownSize.com – A simple living blog co-founder by Morten Storgaard of Passive Income Geek and his wife. The site is accompanied by a Youtube channel with over 100k subscribers.
  • HotCars.com – Created in 2018, this car enthusiast website brings in several million visits per month. While there don’t appear to be any affiliate links, the site earns from ads and sponsored posts.
  • ImprovePhotography.com – Jim Harmer’s first blog site that he created in college. The site most likely sold for 7 figures.
  • MarksDailyApple.com – A site dedicated to healthy primal living. Mark is a published author and has a youtube channel with over 150k subscribers
  • MrMoneyMushtache.com – Created by Peter Adeney who retired at age 30, the site provides financial advice. It is one of the most popular financial blogs on the web and even has its own discussion forum.
  • NerdFitness.com – This fitness site started as a 1-man side project and grew to a full-time team of 45. The site doesn’t have any ads, reviews, or affiliate links. Instead, they monetize with private coaching.
  • RealMenRealStyle.com – A men’s fashion blog with a whopping 3.3 million youtube subscribers. The site provides free ebooks and paid courses.
  • SideHustleNation.com – A website dedicated to side hustles and run by Nick Loper. In addition to providing helpful blog posts, Nick also runs a podcast with over 500 episodes and has even published a book on Amazon.
  • SucculentsAndSunshine.com – Another beautiful website for those who love succulent plants. They have over 100k youtube subscribers and even their own app in the app store.
  • SwimUniversity.com – This website was a side hustle for 7 years and now attracts millions of visitors per month. Dedicated to spa and pool care, the website is beautifully made and even sells their own courses and physical products.
  • SwitchbackTravel.com – This outdoor site covers a mix of gear reviews, adventure travel, and photography. In addition to their professional photos, the site purposely doesn’t show ads and was built with Drupal.
  • TheUltimateHang.com – A hammock review website with over 200 reviews. They even have their own hammock calculator.
  • TinyHouseBlog.com – This tiny house blog has been around since 2007! It sells its own PDF magazine and promotes tiny house plans for affiliate commissions.