Ezoic’s Club22 Event Wrap-up

Recently, I had the privilege of attending Ezoic Club22. What exactly is Ezoic Club22? Ezoic Club22 is an invite-only event for expert publishers and influencers. The event took place in Carlsbad, California and featured industry speakers, workshops, and networking. For those who don’t know, Ezoic is an ad platform that shows ads on your website. I’ve been using them since December 2018. I got to meet some great folks and tour the Ezoic headquarters which was really cool.

I wanted to share with you my top 3 takeaways from the event…

Takeaway 1: Video is becoming more important

Simply put, if you are only publishing written content, you are at a disadvantage. According to Semrush, articles with video receive 83% more traffic than those without. These articles have higher click-through rates and get shared more often.

Not only are videos good for ranking in the SERPS, but they also increase brand awareness and authority. This of course means more traffic, and you get to monetize these other platforms. Keep in mind, many of these videos don’t require fancy production. Having some text across a stock video with a good voiceover may be enough.

Takeaway 2: Massive traffic takes time

I might be stating the obvious here, but often times people are too focused on quick results rather than enjoying the process. Many of the top publishers I spoke to were running sites that were at least a decade old that started off as passion projects.

One such publisher who now receives 6-7 million visits per month, first started with an online forum for fun. They now have a team of developers, writers, and photographers. Another publisher didn’t even consider themselves technical, yet was making thousands of dollars per day. And the kicker is they still consider their website a hobby.

I’ll admit, the longevity of their websites most likely acquired a lot of backlinks. However, even during the early days, they still had their fair share of competition. There is a lot to be said about creating sites around topics you are passionate about and building them with love.

Takeaway 3: Large sites focus on industry news

One thing I found interesting is that publishers with larger sites often focus on news articles. This requires unique research while keeping a pulse on the industry.

Here are some tips to create news articles easier:

  • Keep an eye on websites and social accounts daily. A great example of this is how SEO websites constantly cover tweets and live streams from Google and John Mueller.
  • Conduct interviews. To get a unique spin or an inside story that other sites don’t have, consider setting up an interview over video or over email.
  • Be fast, be first. Ideally, in the news industry, you want to be the one who breaks the news. To achieve this, shorter articles may be needed.
  • Even if a news story is years old, it can still acquire backlinks from other publishers conducting research.