Ezoic’s Club22 Event Wrap-up

Recently, I had the privilege of attending Ezoic Club22. What exactly is Ezoic Club22? Ezoic Club22 is an invite-only event for expert publishers and influencers. The event took place in Carlsbad, California and featured industry speakers, workshops, and networking. For those who don’t know, Ezoic is an ad platform that shows ads on your website. I’ve …

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Do Pages Need Exact Keywords to Rank? (Real Examples)

When using SEO tools, it is often recommend that your article contain the exact primary keyword somewhere on the page. While this isn’t particularly bad advice, you can get into situations where you have dozens of clustered keywords to also cover (PS – Keyword Chef does have has a built-in clustering feature). In these situations, …

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15 Power Tools Inside Keyword Chef

15 power tools inside keyword chef

1. Find Keywords With Forums Ranking on the First Page Search Results The most useful feature of Keyword Chef is being able to automatically analyze the search results in bulk. Instead of providing a keyword difficulty number, Keyword Chef will count the number of easy to outrank websites on the first page search results known …

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