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With AI content being all the hype right now, I’m quite excited about this case study. Keyword Chef is known for finding great long-tail keywords that don’t exist in other tools, so what happens when you combine those keywords with publishing AI content at scale? Let’s find out from Vaibhav Sharda who owns and has been targeting keywords exclusively from Keyword Chef.

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About the site

Here, we will find out what kind of site Vaibhav worked on and why he chose his niche

Quick snapshot:

  • Info site about security alarms
  • Built on a fresh domain
  • Accepted into the Google Adsense program

What kind of site is this?

This is an info site monetized with Google Adsense. Even though all the content was AI-generated, the site was still approved for ads.

Do you mind revealing the niche?

The niche is security alarms. I can’t remember why I chose that niche.

Is this a fresh or expired domain?

This is a fresh domain that I launched in December of 2022, so about 6 months old. Previously, I was always going after expired domains and started sites in whatever niche they were in. Now, just fresh domains. Figuring out niche picking using ChatGPT.

Keyword research strategy

Here, we will find out how Vaibhav found keywords and decided which ones to target.

Quick snapshot:

  • Focused on Questions and Wildcard searches
  • Blindly targeted keywords
  • Didn’t use any other keyword tools

Did you use Keyword Chef to find keywords or did you import them?

Just to find keywords.

What keyword categories did you use and why?

I focused on Questions and Wildcard searches. The wildcard is a no-brainer. Example: how * security alarm. 

How did you find the keywords in Keyword Chef compared to other SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs?

I did not use Ahrefs for this site at all. Just wanted to try out topical map + keyword chef.

How did you finally decide on which keywords to target?

I just blindly did all keywords. Many would argue that this doesn’t work. But it did.

Did you find the SERP Score to be accurate?

Honestly, no idea. I do not track it anymore. However, the scores are great when you find keywords that only have forums ranking for them. Pretty sure those keywords are going to rank.

Publishing Process

After Vaibhav found keywords to target, we’ll cover his publishing process.

Quick snapshot:

  • All 1100 articles were published on the first day
  • No human editing was done
  • Internal linking was done automatically with

How many articles were published and what was the publishing velocity?

All the articles were published on Day 1. There’s this First crawl strategy by Charles Floate which I learned at his conference in Thailand. I wanted to see for myself. 

Basically, you create an awesome site, with thousands of articles, proper structure, and internal-linked. Google crawls it for the first time and finds a great site, so it rewards it better. This works great for fresh sites as I’ve experimented with it on a couple of them now.

Walk me through your publishing process step-by-step.

Sure, here’s a brief overview:

  1. Create categories in WordPress and create a sheet with all keywords with their matching categories.
  2. Once the sheet is ready, it’s time to run the local script (now available as ‘Bulk Generate’ in Autoblogging)
  3. Publish all articles on day 1. Start Auto internal linking using
  4. Submit the site to GSC and Bing with Sitemap submissions

The first step is to build out a sheet that is needed for my AI system, This tool helps automate content at scale.

The sheet is required so that it’s easier to copy/paste stuff in the bulk generation mode. You can generate 100 articles at a time and automatically post them to WordPress, with your selected category. So, it becomes easier to just do it category wise. You can even use multiple authors by changing the credentials in the fields. 

The tool only requires Article titles so it’s that simple.

Did you focus on silos or topical mapping?

Security alarms site has a silo structure/ topical mapping in a way. Not a very deep or detailed one though. Just basic main topics:

  • CCTV
  • Door Locks
  • Alarm systems
  • Home Security Systems

The questions were picked from Keyword Chef for each main topic.

Was there any human editing or publishing tools involved?

No, human editing was done, only an Army of Robots. 

How did you do internal linking? – Another tool that I built to solve the internal linking process. Autolinking is basically a one-time automated process where AI goes in and places internal links between semantically related articles. It’s not a WordPress plugin though. Just a huge script. 1000+ lines that took me 3 months to build.

The links created on this site however are not great because they were created with the first variant of the tool. Many would say these anchors suck and will not rank ever, but they did. It’s hilarious to see the site growing like this.

How did you find and source images?

I built a custom script for these articles which used to scrape youtube videos and embed them in each article. The featured image was picked up from those videos. It doesn’t take very long, just about an hour. I don’t do that anymore though and just do AI-generated images

Did you have any Indexing issues?

Not really. It indexes naturally. It’s even faster now. In the month of Dec, Google was really slow at indexing stuff.

However, I should go and delete/ update some articles. Again, with AI.

I see that about 450 articles are indexed on Google out of 1100.

Did you do any other SEO efforts such as outreach, guest posting, or link building?

No, I decided to only focus on publishing content.

Tracking the Results

Now that we know Vaibhav’s publishing process, we can track the results:

Quick snapshot:

  • After 6 months, the site started receiving 170 daily visits
  • No indexing or Google penalties so far

How quickly did the articles start to rank?

Just 3 months. However, for new sites I launch, they are ranking even faster now.

Did you notice certain keywords ranked better than others?

All are questions so it’s not easy to differentiate.

Were you impacted by any Google updates?

Not yet

Do you have any images of traffic to share?


About Vaibhav Sharda

Vaibhav is a niche site builder and developer who built to help publishers create content at scale.