48 Niche Ideas for Your Next Website

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Skiing: Bundle up! Though skiing is a seasonal niche, it does come with some high-end products. A pair of skis or boots can be priced at several hundred dollars, making for some cool commissions. Subniches include alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and even helicopter skiing.
Chocolate making: Could chocolate making be a sweet niche? This niche could stand alone or fit into an existing food blog. Products to promote include cocoa powder, cocoa butter, chocolate molds, and other chocolate-making supplies.
Health Gummies: Gummies for adults? Some gummies claim to help with brain health, energy levels, weight loss, and even your romantic life. Review the science and various gummy products.
Crystals: Shine bright like a diamond. This niche includes crystals, gemstones, and minerals for their believed spiritual and healing properties. Answer common questions, share experiences, and promote various crystals.


Grip training: Grip training is a sub-niche of strength training that involves improving one’s grip with various exercises. However, there is a lot of carry-over into other niches like rock climbing and wrestling too. Answer common questions, discuss exercises, and promote grip training equipment and programs.
Hydroponics: Hydroponics is an agricultural practice of growing plants in nutrient-controlled water. While some growing systems cost under $100, some are as much as $5000. Discuss hydroponic science, create guides, and recommend growing system equipment.
Upcycling: If you thought upcycling was similar to recycling, you would be correct. Upcycling involves turning old materials into entirely new products. With this niche, you can discuss different ways to reuse various products to help your DIY audience.
Franchising: Did you know that more than 10% of businesses in the US are franchises? In this niche, you can support entrepreneurs who want to franchise businesses or buy existing franchisees. While there may not be many physical products to promote in this niche, there could be lots of training programs and courses.


Dental care: Can you sink your teeth into this niche? This niche has a lot of topics, including oral care, teeth whitening, cleaning products, braces, and more. Review dental products and answer common questions.
Growing taller: For some, being short can hinder confidence and affect their dating life. There are some techniques though to help improve height and there are even height-boosting shoes on the market. Discuss common challenges and science to become taller.
Wigs: Wigs can be a stand-alone niche or fit into other beauty and hair restoration niches. Believe it or not, some wigs can cost as much as $10,000. Review various wigs and answer common questions.
Tree felling: Timber! This niche can also be stand-alone or fit into other outdoor, landscaping, or farming niches. Topics include tree felling, trimming, and stump grinding. You can even discuss chainsaw carving and Timbersports. Answer common questions and review axes, saws, and chainsaws.


Automotive Tires: Tires are something everyone is familiar with, but don’t think about until they need to buy them. With lots of different types of tires and vehicles, there could be a lot of keywords found. Tires could be for drifting, offroading, winter, or for vehicles like motorcycles and tractors. In this niche, share tire knowledge and tire reviews.
Vegan Bodybuilding: This niche combines fitness on a vegan diet. Discuss fitness and diet programs, protein sources, protein powder, and scientific studies.
Mushrooms: Did you know the world’s largest organism is a fungus? Lots of people are fascinated with mushrooms and the physical and mental health benefits they provide. Answer common questions, discuss mushroom research, and promote growing kits.
Butterflies: Butterflies are a symbol of good fortune, but could it also be for your niche site? In this niche, discuss butterfly identification, answer common questions, and promote butterfly kits. And of course, don’t forget the caterpillars.


Model railroading: All aboard! While these miniature trains may be small, there is a lot to explore in this niche. Topics and supplies include miniature landscapes, electronics, and paints. G Scale models are 1:24 to scale and cost thousands of dollars. In this niche, review various products and answer common questions.
Chess: What’s your favorite opening? Over the past few years, Chess has been gaining popularity. Discuss chess news, strategy, and famous players.
Foam rolling: Ooo that feels good. Foam rolling is done by many different athletes, ranging from bodybuilders to golfers. In this niche, review foam rolling equipment, discuss techniques, and answer common questions.
Ukulele: Did you know the word “ukulele” translates to “jumping flea”? This niche can stand alone or fit into a large instrument niche. Discuss various chords, teach various techniques, and do product reviews.


Bikepacking: What do you get when you combine bikes with backpacking? Bike packing is a form of adventure cycling where riders travel long distances and camp. In this niche, discuss travel gear and popular routes.
Boat Building: Will it float? Boat building is a technical niche in boat design and construction. Topics include building materials such as wood, metal, and fiberglass, boat-building tools, and various boat designs.
Databases Design: In this niche, compare and contrast various database designs and technologies. This is a technical niche so expertise is a must.
Sushi Recipes: Let’s roll! Sushi can be made in many different ways, including baked and fried. Discuss various ingredients, sushi making kits, and answer common questions.


Bath Bomb Recipes: Can you soak in this niche? Bath bombs are designed for skincare, and while sold commercially, they can also be made at home. In this niche, discuss various bath bomb recipes and ingredients. You may want to create ebooks and market them on Pinterest and YouTube.
Fitness Trackers: Tech and health are becoming more and more integrated. Wearable fitness trackers include wristbands, rings, chest straps, and clips. In this niche, explore and review various fitness trackers and apps.
Cabins: Need a getaway? This niche can be quite rich with topics including floor plans, construction tips, and off-grid energy. Some log cabin kits even have affiliate programs.
Minimalist footwear: Let’s get minimal. This niche includes minimalist footwear for hiking, running, and everyday use. In this niche, review various footwear and answer common questions.


Jello Art: Love jello? Love art? Why not both? This very tiny niche involves making art from jello. Promote jello and gelatin-printing kits, share designs, and answer common questions.
Journaling: Do you journal? There are many different styles of journaling, even yoga and coffee art journaling. In this niche, promote notebooks and digital products like prompts and templates.
Skiing Vacations: Let’s hit the slopes! This travel sub-niche is all about skiing vacations and destinations. Discuss popular destinations and hotels and promote ski packages and even guided tours.
GoPro Video Editing: Cut, stitch, and sync. This niche is all about editing those action shots caught on GoPro. Discuss various software programs and editing techniques.


Cartography: Can you read a map? Cartography is the art and science of map-making. While traditionally an older practice, it’s still around today. In this niche, discuss topics like topographic mapping, fantasy world map creation, and data visualization. Explore tools like compasses, GIS software, world atlases, and map-making services.
Sketching: Pencil, charcoal, and ink… These are just a few items to sketch with. In this niche, discuss the different kinds of sketching, techniques, and materials. You may even want to review and promote sketching software and courses.
Self Storage Business: Did you know self storage businesses claim to have a 90% success rate? This niche includes a wide range of topics, ranging from construction and zoning laws to software and security systems. In this niche, answer common questions and review management software.
Steampunk: Goggles and pocket watches? Yes, that’s steampunk, a subgenre of science fiction that combines Victorian-era aesthetics with steam-powered technology. Though a declining niche, you can promote attire, accessories, and artwork.


Car Audio: Pump up the volume in the car audio niche. Promote sound products, discuss installation, and help troubleshoot audio systems.
Walking: Take a stroll in the walking niche. Explore fitness, review gear like shoes and watches, and share walking trails in popular cities.
Whiskey Investing: Get a taste of whiskey investing. Discuss whiskey types, investment strategies, storage, and legal considerations.
Prenatal Fitness: For expecting parents, prenatal fitness is all about staying healthy and active. Share workouts, nutrition tips, and advice for a healthy pregnancy.


Medieval Skills: This medieval skills niche is full of DIY and involves dozens of sub-niches, including blacksmithing, leatherworking, and even papermaking. In this niche, promote DIY tools and online courses.
Gut Health: Gut health plays an important role in digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune function. Though a sensitive health niche, there may be opportunities to review specific supplements and promote online courses.
Red Light Therapy: RLT uses low-level red light wavelengths to promote healing and reduce inflammation. Many red light therapy devices are inexpensive, but some cost over $1000. In this niche, answer common questions, discuss research, and promote high-end products.
Feng Shui: Feng shui is a Chinese practice that arranges furniture and objects to promote positive energy flow. Here, answer common questions and promote decor and furniture.


Cowboy Clothing: Also called “western wear”, this style of clothing is quite popular in certain areas. Examples of such clothing are cowboy hats, belts, boots, and more. You can build a niche website by reviewing different brands and discussing the latest trends.
Dog DNA Tests: Do you know your dog’s breed mix? If not, this is where a Dog DNA test can be useful. These tests can also screen for hereditary diseases. In this niche, you can compare various DNA tests, and discuss dog genes and different breeds.
Montessori: “The Montessori method of education involves children’s natural interests and activities rather than formal teaching method”. Here, you can create a niche website that teaches the Montessori style of learning accompanied by YouTube videos. This includes promoting affiliate products, creating printables to sell, or running a membership site or course.
Padel: Padel is similar to pickleball and tennis, each having its own rules and equipment. You can create a niche site around this sport that reviews products, explains games, provides tutorials and tips, and a YouTube channel. Utilizing online communities and social media can work well here too.